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We are a game development company based in Melbourne, Australia, dedicated to creating custom game projects for clients. Our team of skilled developers and designers work closely with clients to bring their ideas to life and deliver engaging and immersive gaming experiences.

With over 13 years of experience in game development, our team originating from Ukraine is eager to bring our expertise in the developing high-quality game products to the Australian market.

Key offerings

We help to build successful games with our product strategy expertise and full-cycle in-house capacity since 2010.

A comprehensive Discovery phase for game development, including game design document creation, game flow chart and UX development, project scoping, and the creation of a project development plan, ensuring a solid foundation for your game's success.
Expertise in full-cycle development of cross-platform games for mobile, web browsers, desktop and AR.
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30+ artists and animation specialists for 3D, 2D, UI/UX, Animation, Concept art and Motion Design that work all in-house.
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Industry focus

With the experience in the gaming sector, consumer brands, education, blockchain, GameFi and gambling, Fgfactory successfully meets the needs of companies from different industries.

focus-img Game startups and publishers
focus-img Consumer goods brands
focus-img EdTech companies
focus-img Blockchain and GameFi
focus-img Gambling providers

Common cases when our
services help your business goals.

If you are looking for a long-term partner to create products for publishing, marketing, education, and other business purposes, we are ready to put our corporate experience into your projects.

Fast, Reliable and Cost-effective

For Australian game developers and other companies looking to strengthen their existing teams, partnering with Fgfactory can provide numerous benefits. With a team of experienced and skilled developers, artists, and animators, Fgfactory can build games from scratch to release or provide specialists on the outstaffing model. One of the most significant advantages of partnering with Fgfactory is that we can strengthen the existing team by providing our specialists. For instance, if a company has a development and design team working on a project and requires more people to hire immediately, they can partner with Fgfactory to hire the required number of professionals. The outstaffing model offered by Fgfactory has several advantages.

Firstly, it is fast and efficient, which means that companies can scale up their teams quickly without having to go through a lengthy recruitment process. This is particularly important for companies that are working on tight deadlines and need extra resources to complete their projects on time.

Secondly, it is a safe and reliable way to hire professionals without worrying about the legal and financial aspects of employment. Fgfactory takes care of all the legal and financial requirements, including taxes, insurance, and other benefits, which reduces the burden on the company.

Thirdly, partnering with Fgfactory to hire specialists is cost-efficient. Companies can save a lot of money on recruitment, training, office space, equipment, and other expenses that come with hiring new employees. In addition, Fgfactory offers professionals at competitive rates.

Finally, Fgfactory has a team of experts who can provide valuable insights and suggestions that can improve the quality of the game and make it more engaging for the players. Australian game developers and studios can benefit greatly from partnering with Fgfactory for their game development needs.

Unity, Unreal Engine or JS-based Games

If you're looking for a game development company that can build your game from scratch to release and beyond, look no further than Fgfactory. With expertise in mobile, web, and desktop game development, we can build any game of any complexity, using a wide range of game engines and technical stacks. Our team works with Unity, Unreal Engine, PixiJS, and a variety of programming languages including C#, Javascript, HTML, ASP.NET, AWS, Photon Engine, and SignalR, ensuring that we can deliver a game that meets your specific needs. Our team is experienced in both single-player and multiplayer games, so whether you're looking for a game that can be played solo or with friends, we've got you covered.

At Fgfactory, we pride ourselves on our ability to work with 2D and 3D graphics, animation, VFX, UX/UI design, game design, sound effects design, project management, and art direction. This means that we can create a game that not only functions seamlessly but also looks great and provides an exceptional user experience.

If you're searching for Australian game companies that can provide particularly Unity game development, Fgfactory is the perfect choice. Our team of experts has extensive experience working with Unity, allowing us to create games that are engaging, fun, and optimized for the platform. With our comprehensive QA support, you can rest assured that your game will be thoroughly tested and optimized before release, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality.

Increasing User Engagement Through Gaming Experience

Gamification is a proven strategy that uses game mechanics to motivate and engage users, making it a smart way to increase users' interaction with your targets in the product or business. Fgfactory's team of experienced game developers understands the importance of creating a compelling gamification experience that is both fun and engaging for users while meeting business objectives. Our team builds custom games that are integrated with a company's branding, messaging, and values. By gamifying a product or business, we can help increase user engagement and retention rates while building brand loyalty.

Marketing gamification is an effective tool to increase customer engagement and motivation to interact with brands. By creating games that are fun and interactive, businesses can increase their customer base and build brand loyalty. Fgfactory can help businesses by creating games that are tailored to their target audience and are integrated with their branding and messaging.

In the education space, Fgfactory builds gamified platforms and apps that increase student engagement and make learning more enjoyable. This can include games that teach math, science, and other subjects in a fun and interactive way. Gamification can also help to motivate students to learn by rewarding them with points, badges, and other incentives.

For corporate staff motivation, Fgfactory can create gamified experiences that encourage employees to achieve their goals and increase productivity. This can include team-building games, employee training programs, and other fun activities that help to improve morale and motivation.

Support, Assistance, and Consulting at Any Stage of Production

If you are planning to start or run a business in the gaming industry, it is essential to have a partner who understands the intricacies of the field. Based in Melbourne, Fgfactory is a leading game development company that can provide comprehensive assistance to game developers, publishers, and other businesses. We offer a range of services, from consulting to project management, art direction, game design documentation, project development plan development, prototyping, and all further stages of production.

With a team of experts who have years of experience in game development, Fgfactory can guide businesses through the complex process of developing a game. We help with every aspect of the process, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring that the final product is both engaging and successful.

Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We understand that every project is unique and requires a tailored approach. Our team works closely with clients to ensure that they fully understand their goals and objectives, and develop a plan that is aligned with these objectives. We also provide ongoing support throughout the entire process, ensuring that clients are kept up-to-date on the progress of their projects.

In summary, whether you are just starting our in the gaming industry or are an experienced game developer, game publisher, or any other business that requires gamification and gamified tools, Fgfactory can provide the assistance you need to take your business to the next level.


We serve Australian game companies as well as clients from all over the world, helping them achieve their mobile, web and desktop game development goals efficiently and effectively.

Game developer and publisher
Warrp Pty Ltd
Game developer and publisher
I Got Games
Game developer and publisher
Personal care
Game developer and publisher
Room 8 Studio
Outsourcing company
Ingame Group
Game developer and publisher
Game developer and publisher
Web3 Ecosystem


We’ve developed over 300 projects in the areas of game development, graphics design, UX/UI, and animation.

How we work?
Our clients will tell better.

The basis of our business activities is long-term, reliable relationships that we build with our customers and partners.

What are our pricing
compared to other options

Fgfactory offers the best average monthly cost for a talent including Lead, Management, HR support and other expenses.

Hire your own employee in Australia
Hire a contractor in Australia
Artist / Designer cost
We offer the best monthly cost on the market and 1 month free of charge for a year contract.
Starting from 80,000 AUD per year plus super.
Starting from 50 AUD per hour.
Software Developer cost
We offer the best monthly cost on the market and 1 month free of charge for a year contract.
Starting from 100,000 AUD per year plus super.
Starting from 60 AUD per hour.
Technical Lead support
Yes. Our Lead support is included in a flat fee.
None. Otherwise, additional expenses on the technical lead.
None. The contractor usually works alone.
Dedicated Project Manager
Yes. Our PM is included in a flat fee. Optionally, your can use your own management.
None. Otherwise, additional expenses on the Project Manager.
None. The contractor usually works alone.
Admin and other expenses
None. That’s a flat fee per month. No other costs.
At least 20,000 AUD per year per person of employee related expenses.
None. The contractor keeps track of their expenses.
Legal issues
Transparent SLA that is designed in your interests.
Difficulty terminating an employment relationship in case of problems.
Check your contract carefully to avoid hidden conditions.
HR-related costs (trainings, on- offboarding)
Fgfactory handles all aspects of Recruiting and HR management at no extra costs
As an employer you are responsible for the costs incurred by hiring employees.
You do it yourself so make decisions wisely.

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